This blog explores the meanings and repercussions of the arts and other cultural activities or products (such us films, exhibitions, music, theatre, festivals) and their power in everyday life.

Personal experiences generate the drive to write, research and critical thinking will be used to broaden ideas, academic and grey literature will be sometimes used to support comments and arguments.



The Author

10446698_10152464766187604_2679507446323054845_n (1)Andrea Barragan was a professional Script Supervisor who worked for more than three years as part of different film crews in Colombia. She is completing the Master of Arts and Cultural Management at the University of Melbourne and has developed a particular interest in community engagement and audience development. Currently, Andrea is an Intern in the Collections, Research and Exhibitions team of Arts Centre Melbourne

Her undergraduate education in Audiovisual Media was her immersion in film-making in Colombia. Followed by more than three years of professional experience, her decision to broaden her skills and qualifications was influenced by the desire of finding a more healthy and stable work environment.

Becoming aware of the influence that power has over cultural consumption, gave her a strong motivation to share different stories. As an educated and passionate cinephile, Andrea feels it is her responsibility to help build a truer cultural environment, to facilitate opportunities to diverse and emerging projects, and to make them accessible to audiences and relevant communities.

This passion influenced her decision of getting involved with the Latin America 1 Student Society. Her experience as the President of a community interested in celebrating Latin American culture has been vital to gain project management skills and to understand administrative processes within the University of Melbourne. 

Profile photo: courtesy of Claudia García during the shooting of the short film Anonimata. Used with permission.

Skills Set

Throughout her career Andrea has developed different types of skills.
This is her tool box:

  • Advanced computer skills, confident with Final Cut Pro, effective understanding of Mac and Windows platforms. Confident with Microsoft Office Suite and Apple Productivity Apps.
  • Extensive team work experience in diverse and multicultural environments.


  • Strong writing skills in English and Spanish with the ability to produce reviews, blog posts and research papers.